Have you let yourself down?

When did you last check the tyre pressures on your car? Maybe you never do and it’s only looked at when the garage does your servicing.

Tyres can loose 1 or 2 PSI per week. If your tyres are meant to be 30 PSI then they could be down to 27 in a month. That’s a 10% loss which could increase fuel consumption by a whopping four per cent.

Work out the effect on your pocket as well as your carbon footprint.

For various references, just search the web for tyre pressures and fuel economy

Slimming down

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified dietician nor in any way medically qualified.

Dieting a green issue? Certainly. Eating more than necessary consumes more resources. It also widens your travel footprint a tiny bit as more fuel is needed when you are in the car or on the bus. This latter may seem nitpicking but it adds up – for every 80 people are a stone overweight that’s an extra ton to be lugged around.

Overweight people also tend to be eating more convenience food and take-aways which means more packaging, often plastic.

During the 2020-2021 Covid lockdowns I lost 9% of body weight – here’s how other folks might be able to do it.

Cut back on:-

  • Biscuits
  • Booze
  • Bread
  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Sugar and confectionary
  • Pastries and pies
  • Take-away food


  • Eat cake nor pudding unless it is a special occasion or somebody else has offered it.
  • Buy off-the-shelf breakfast cereal without closely checking the ingredients. Most are laden with sugar.


  • Fast food outlets – take a guess at how many tons of packaging these produce in the UK alone, now double. I’ll bet it’s still less than the actual figure – see Fast food packaging waste statistics
  • Packaged food
  • Processed food
  • Ready meals

Always leave the table feeling just a little bit hungry – except maybe on special occasions (Friday night is not a special occasion).

Pedrick’s Zero Waste Shop (Caterham)

A great idea. Take along your own containers to top up with anything from cooking oil to washing up liquid to balsemic vinegar to shampoo.

Save the waste caused by toothpaste tubes by purchasing the Toothpaste Pills! Pop one in your mouth, have a brief chew and you have instant toothpaste.

I was not convinced by these but tried them for 3 months then happened to visit the dental hygienist who said all was well so they evidently do the trick.

There’s some nice organica veg selection as well plus a selection of gift soaps and the like.

Pedrick’s Zero Waste
41 Croydon Rd,
Caterham CR3 6PB
01883 212911
The shop is five minutes walk from Caterham station and handy for the 407 bus. Check website for opening hours.

Don’t buy Deodorant (nor Antiperspirants)

Deodorants only benefit four groups of people: pharmacutical companies, high street retailers, plastic manufacturers and the advertising industry.

The latter is particularly at fault for trying to  persuade us that we all reek.

Most of us don’t smell as much as the advertisers would have us believe. If you’re worried then grab a quick shower or have an underarm wash in the sink.

Deodorants damage the natural bacteria on the skin – something which can do us no good.

Antiperspirants block the sweat glands which are vital components of your skin. Should you really be doing that to your body?

There is also a terrible environmental fallout from both products in terms of product distribution and plastic manufacture and disposal.


Kettle – filling up

I despair at folks who put a quart of water in the kettle just to make a couple of cups. Pointlessly boiling that extra pint takes a pile of extra energy and gains nothing. It takes longer and will hit you in the pocket when your bill comes.

I keep a mug by the kettle, when I want to make a cuppa I just fill the mug with water use this to fill the kettle. If I’m just making one cup then covering the element will suffice.

Once you’ve poured the water, there’s another little trick!